Agency services without being an agency

Agency services without being an agency

Our internal team of security consultants will handle your cybersec necessities.We always find the best hacker available and meet the toughtest standards and guaranteeing all the deliveries

  • Fastest set up in the market.
  • Best hackers available globally.
  • 100% compliance.
Our security consultants will create a clear briefing working closely with you
We will find the perfect professional for the job (or team of professionals) in hours
We will manage the workload and the flow of information needed to conduct the task
Delivery & Retest
We will ead the delivery and help you and your team with the follow up

Have you been hacked? Need any other type of cybersec services?

Contact us and we will find the right cyber security proffesional so you can focus in your business while we securitize it.

Forensic Services

In the event of a cyberattack, we provide you with the best collegiate forensics specialists that will analyze the incident, generate the detailed report and go with you to trial if needed.

Information Security Compliance

We offer you compliance reviews (based on any kind of standard or regulation) that will support your organization to understand the most important corporate risks and will help you to set up the proper mitigation plan.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Our best cybersecurity experts will offer you remote cybersecurity lessons to help your organization to improve your cybersecurity awareness level. The training proposals may vary depending on your needs!

Executive Advisory

We offer 1-1 call connections with our top market cybersecurity experts to give you advice on any topic related to Information Security.